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Over 50 here, been menopausal for some years, I take Evening Primrose Oil for the hot flashes, works wonders.

One thing I've noticed lately (in the past few months), is that my taste for certain foods has really, really changed. Our family has always been a meat/potatoes, veggies and salad for dinner type. Now, I gag at the thought of eating a steak or hamburger, can't stand the smell of pork cooking, and I used to love bacon, sausage or ham for breakfast, and last evening, i baked chicken, but, when i made my plate, couldn't put a piece on it. I still had enough to eat - potato, brussels sprouts and green salad with avocado.

Anyone else have this happen? And, I haven't lost weight - I wish that was a side affect, but, it hasn't happened, and i still have the meno belly.

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Hope you're getting protein from somewhere.

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Way over 50 here. Actually I'm on the way to 81. But I do understand your change in food preferences. About six months ago I began to realize I don't like the taste of smell of meat anymore. First it was beef, then pork. I've never eaten lamb of deer. Sausage tasted awful. I still like bacon so long as it is paired with something else, like a BLT sandwich, or part of a mixed salad; calves liver and onions is still great, but chicken and turkey are fading. I can eat Ball Park Juicy Jumbos, so long as they are paired with mustard, slaw or sauerkraut. But in general, I could do without any meats at all. So I am actively seeking other sources of protein. I should add that I do like fish so long as it doesn't smell fishy.

I've developed a love of peanut butter and I've ditched my love of dill pickles in favor of Bead and Butter pickles. I'm into soup - but definitely not veggie beef. I love anything that tastes like Sesame, which I never liked before. Down on nuts, but love fruit, except for pears and apples, which no longer taste good. I don't even like ice cream anymore.

I guess these changes are, in a sense, normal for someone as they age. Maybe there's an underlying hormonal change, similar to the ones that make pregnant women crave certain foods. Just undiscovered at this point in time!! Whatever it is, I definitely understand your feelings.

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Happy that so many of you are becoming vegetarian.

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On 1/21/2015 ValuSkr said:

Happy that so many of you are becoming vegetarian. Smile

AND...we get plenty of protein!! Took HorsingMom's simple veg plate, put it through Cronometer...16gram of protein. No worries there!! sure & save a carrot or 2 for your horse!! Smiley Happy

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I also lost my taste for preparing and eating all meats. I still like chicken and fish. But my main problem is l could live on a diet of all carbs. Luckily I'm not diabetic, but l know I'm going down the wrong path. My weight has remained stable, but it's been re-distributed from butt to belly! No amount of crunches seem to help.
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Please look up ways other than eating meat to get protein in your diet. It's the building block of cells among other things.