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Get a big puzzle and leave it out on a table.  Our family used to do that very time we went to the beach, everyone of all ages  would try their skill on putting pieces together till it was completed !

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Re: Any game suggestions?

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~ jenga

~ bingo

~ memory match (get a more adult one so the teenagers don't feel like they're playing a kids game - something like backyard birds)


hope you all have a great time!

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Re: Any game suggestions?

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@Baylie wrote:

We are going to the beach for a week with 5 grandchildren ages 17, 15, 13, 8 and 5. They older kids haven't seen the younger ones in a year and a half. Looking for some board games, card games etc.  they might be able to play together.  Any ideas would be appreciated!


@Baylie @Twister for those 13 and under, but 5 yr old won't really be so


CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY. Very popular with families with kids. Five year old might be too young for it, but she can hang with the group.




Sequence and Apples to Apples but the little one might not respond. There are junior versions, but they wouldn't work for everyone else. At five, she's really in her own category...Candlyand.

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Thanks so much everyone! I put several games in my Amazon cart and will look into the rest of the suggestions today. We are driving so we can take more than we could if we were flying. Can't wait to see them all together!!!

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Twister. If the 5 year old's too young to play with the older kids, she can spin the needle for the others to follow.

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Re: Any game suggestions?

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@Baylie Just thought of something else that would be fun. A yarn hunt (don't know what else to call it). Anyway, everyone is given a different color to follow and find different prizes/treats tied to them in various spots (candy bars, unfilled water balloons... in drawers, cupboards, pots...). Create a web with the yarns so they have to maneuver around each other.

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Funnel Pong (on Ama)


Great for all ages

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@Baylie  5 Second Rule is fun because it doesn't really require trivia knowledge.

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One great and really fun game for various ages is Guess Who and I highly recommend it! 

It would be perfect for the ages of your grandkids too. Battle Ship and Connect 4 are good ones too.  

You may want to Google games that are trending now.