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I seem to recall reading on the Blog that there will be Dark Forest Green Tights coming soon.

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Hi Sammijo.

Love reading all your fashion travel reports! Thanks for taking the time to jot it all down.

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Thanks for the detailed London report, Sammijo. You did a great job of notiicing and reporting -- a treat to read!

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Thanks @Sammijo10 ! 


Loved your report, glad you had such a great London trip, and yes we are right in the mix with our Linea!!  My DFG blazer is almost here, just one state away after a very long processing delay, can't wait to wear it.  


I would love some tights in DFG.


I have 3 of those pleated skirts, black, navy, and tarragon and wear them most in the winter with tall boots or tights and flats.  Yes, men like them.  Plus I like them, the way they move and feel and always look perfect.

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  We just returned from a month in France.  (Window shopping in Bordeaux, Paris, Avignon, Marseilles, etc.) Agree with almost everything you saw in London.  The clothes were more tailored - like Louis's fashions.  Leopard print was everywhere.  Not very much plaid except for Ralph Lauren type shops and of course Chanel. Agree that plaid will always be important in Britain. 

  Only saw the distressed jeans in one shop that catered to teens.  Yeah!  Scarves were everywhere in France and were worn by everyone. These were fashion scarves not winter.  I hope Louis will design more scarves.  They really make an outfit...Typical fall colors - so pretty! The clothes had a "polished" look.  Nothing sloppy.  Smiley Happy

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I enjoyed this recap of your London trip very much. I see you mentioned wanting a longer DFG cardi. Have you considered this ... I have all three colors and just love it. I've gotten alot of wear and nice compliments. It's been reduced with limited sizes now. It's an easy fit that's a bit generous, a great look and hopefully your sz is available, if it'll work for you!