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The Popularity Of Lace

I was at a local restaurant for Easter dinner today.


I wore the ivory lace pants, ivory lace jacket & the dill tank top. 


The hostess who greeted us & sat us down had a blue L/S lace top.


One of the other customers when she walked in had a lace jacket over her outfit. No, it wasn’t Linea. 


It was nice to see I wasn’t the only one who decided to wear lace today. 


I added the gold hoop earrings & the gold bugle bead necklace. 


Thanks Louis for being on the cutting edge for fashion. 

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Re: The Popularity Of Lace

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It's a good thing we weren't at the same restaurant LOL. I wore my Indigo lace jacket over the ivory tank and ivory ponte pants with one ice venetian necklace and one indigo venetian necklace. It was so comfortable and I felt like spring had arrived.

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Re: The Popularity Of Lace

@JustJazzmom @Marilyn 1  Your outfits sound lovely! 

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Re: The Popularity Of Lace

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We were asked to wear white at service Easter and everyone looked beautiful I must say I saw quite a few lace pieces


I wore all Linea except my shoes and handbag - my white/ivory textured skirt, v-neck ivory/white Wk tank top with the ribbed detail, white WK cardigan with the lace sleeves (which I almost forgot I had) and my crystal bead mutlicolor necklace with my own pearl earrings. 

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Re: The Popularity Of Lace

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Your outfit sounds beautiful, JJM.


I firmly believe what you wrote about Louis's being on the cutting edge of fashion and was thinking that last week.  (In fact, I was going to post something and then decided not to.)


My thought emerged because I had been to the mall and noted that so many colors, types of fabrics, designs, jewelry that Linea offers us were at the mall stores.  No, not at the Linea price and certainly not with the special touch of Louis's genius. 


No one said anything, but scarves wrapping heads were in my last issue of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.   I cannot remember which magazine it was and do not feel like check ing it, but there was the look of his new printed scarves (A347497) that go with the new silk-like tunics (A347495).  Some poster had written that no one wears scarves like that any longer.  Not so. 


Anyway, Linea is such an affordable and fashionable line.


p.s.  There were several pieces of jewelry by Robert Lee Morris at Lord & Taylor that boasted the azure patina that Louis introduced to us.

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Re: The Popularity Of Lace

I wore an Isaac lace top to church service on Sunday Smiley Happy