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I would not wear grass green pants--too preppy!

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Funny you should ask. I am wearing my favorite Louis pants today and yesterday as well. Yes they are light green for summer.This is the only green item in my wardrobe.  During the summer here in Westchester Cty, NY I wash and wear this pant frequently and match it up with white, navy or black as my go to summer wardrobe.  Just this morning as I was taking them out of the dryer again and turning them right side out I said to myself "Look at how well made this garment is".  This is my 5th summer with this light weight, light colored summer pant. I am very happy with the fit, length and colorof this item. Sorry the item number is not found on the waist band.  Thank you, Louis.


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I wear neutrals....every time I step outside my comfort zone, it ends up hanging in my closet. I learned my lesson years ago,I purchased jackets in fushia, malachite, and teal as they are lovely, but they have never been worn.   I do own the whisper knit tunic top and whisper knit in a dark forest green, but this is more of a neutral rather than a grass green.

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I would not purchase a grass green pant.

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I would buy them in a cotton crop pant for fun along with lots of summery colors. Some catelogues have color crops and Capri pants for summer. I would buy Louis' colors in a split second. I keep adding more and more black and netural colors. I could open my on boutique! Don't really need any more. Colors would be fun like yellow, bright pink, green and turquoise with white tees.

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@ItsME wrote:

Nope.  I wouldn't buy them either.  I prefer neutral colors in pants, and more colorful tops.  That's just me.

Like @ItsME , I go for color in my tops and neutrals on the bottom.  I have pants from Louis in an olive green, but would never, ever buy grass green pants.

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I actually have a preppy side and it shows itself mostly in summer with a few well loved Lily Pulitzer dresses/tunics, checked shirts and striped t-shirts, Jack Rogers sandals and pink/green combos. So, yes, I'd do a grass green pant. But, in an ankle length stretch cotton. Would love to see that pant in a bright white, too.

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No, I don't wear any green.


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I also do.not wear green in any shade.

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I love green.     Wear a lot of it.   But I would never wear grass green pants, as much as I love that shade of green.