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@Marlyn1 wrote:

I would buy them in a cotton crop pant for fun along with lots of summery colors. Some catelogues have color crops and Capri pants for summer. I would buy Louis' colors in a split second. I keep adding more and more black and netural colors. I could open my on boutique! Don't really need any more. Colors would be fun like yellow, bright pink, green and turquoise with white tees.

Me, too, but LDO hasn't done a cotton pant that wasn't a knit and in classic neutrals in a long time, so we're in the very small minority here. I have bright colored cotton crops & ankle pants in some of these colors as well, and love them for summer. They're fun & look great with T shirts & sneakers.

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I just realized that I was wrong when I said that I only buy neutral bottoms.  Five years ago Louis had a slim ankle jean that came in white, indigo, aqua, and bright yellow.  I loved the fit and the light weight fabric, so I ended up buying two pairs in each color.  I'm still wearing those jeans, which have held up beautifully.  So given the right incentive, I guess I do sometimes buy colored pants.  But I still save them for very casual wear.  And I really don't think I'd be tempted by kelly green pants.

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@shoesnbags I also bought double of those in aqua and white.  Wear them all the time!  I wish they would come back, the fit was PERFECT.

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Sorry, no grass green pants for me. It would put me in mind of Mr Green Jeans on tv from the Captain Kangroo show from my childhood. 

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No I would not.

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@mary0129 : I had those same pants. They were so well made. I just donated them at the end of last summer when I moved. I lost weight and they were too big. In addition, I really liked them best with white tops, which I do not wear that often, proving again that green pants are not a good value for me unless they are olive green, which I seem to have an entire Linea wardrobe of.

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Thanks for taking the time to survey for Louise.  No green pants for me.

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I did buy the dark forest green and the red ponte last year, but would not be interested in a grass green color...