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I am very upset! Placed my order for Louis' Jacket on the 14th at 5:30am. The caramel is being prepared to ship; however, the black jacket (which is the one I really wanted) is now backordered.  How can that be when I ordered it so early in the morning?  Six days after ordering I now don't know if I will get the one jacket I really wanted.  UGH!

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Re: So now we wait

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My jackets are now on Backorder.  I ordered them on the 14th before they were even presented.  How could this be?  Very upsetting. 

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I, like loisp, ordered my BD topper on the 14th at 5:34am (e-mail conformation) yet now, not only my BD toppers are back ordered (6 days later) but the wrap neck tops are as well- which are not sold out.

QVC: what is the deal with your consistent Lackluster execution of supplying your customers with their purchased products? If you are wondering why your quarterly financial reporting is so disappointing, THIS is a major contributing factor! Your gross negligence in shipping the products you sell to your customer base is not only unacceptable in today’s instant-gratification society where so many other outlets offer quick turnaround on selling to shipping but is significantly impacting your bottom line. This has become the norm for your business practice as it’s been discussed numerous times in this forum for well over a year now. I suggest if you want to see your books in the black, replace the executives overseeing order fulfillment as they are the reason you are losing money.
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Everything I ordered is now expected to be at my home by 10/22 (after being in limbo for several days), but I did not order the topper jacket.  I hope everyone receives what they ordered, and that any backlog or back order issue can be overcome quickly.  Who knows what is happening at the manufacturing and shipping plants?  


I seem to remember from years past that when ordering the night before an item is shown on air, sometimes it goes to backorder, even though logic would lead one to believe the items ordered first, would be shipped out first.  I wonder why that happens, to be honest.  It doesn't make sense to me.

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All my items that I ordered have shipped and are to be delivered, today.  I ordered online, just after the 9am show.  I ordered each one individually since there is no bulk shipping discount.  Everything was processed and shipped on Thursday.


It's difficult to try and figure out QVC's fulfillment process!


Just wondering, how many ordered online, how many called in, how many ordered before the presentation, how many ordered during the early morning or the 9am presentation or directly after the presentation?


Just trying to get a handle on this!

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I placed my Orders by phone - at midnight when the new items posted.  Everything is still showing as “Preparing Your Order”.  


On Free Shipping Sunday - I placed an order for 2 Linea clothing items and the Compass Necklace - everything shipped the next day.


I don’t think the Q has a ‘process’ when it comes to shipping their orders.

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Ordered Black, Red, and Ivory toppers just as 9:00 AM show was starting. All three were showing as "Preparing Your Order," but have now gone to the dreaded "Backorder" this morning. Ugh, here we go again . . . . 

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My ivory was shipped but not my black and red. What's shocking is all of this business QVC is loosing

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I've always wondered if having multiple items in one order slows down the processing time.  I usually place orders online and if I'm ordering ahead of time, I'll just place a separate order for each item.  During the last visit, I did order 3 items in the same order because it was buy more, save more and that is my only order that has not shipped.  

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I ordered two of the new WK Turtle Necks in one order. One has shipped the other has that Preparing Your Order message. You'd think they'd ship together, right? Wrong. It baffles me too. Especially with the questionable delivery time once items leave the warehouse and the horrendous impact and waste all of these plastic bags have on the environment. I wish someone who knows how to manage the (warehouse and shipping) logistics would come in to once and for all, straighten out all of these ongoing inconsistencies. 


My other items are in that 'Preparing Your Order' this the new In Process idiom? And most are multiple  item orders. Like everyone else, I'm waiting.