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Re: Record shipping! Got my Desert Kimono today

I am beginning to wonder if QVC contracted to pay reduced prices with shippers by lowering the priority of their packages. So for example, if the package is shipped from Lancaster and it gets to a UPS station in Hodgkins, ILL, that station may pull it aside if companies' packages that pay a premium contract get priority and get put on the next transit vehicle while mine stays behind.


That is what is happening right now to my packages, which include the Kimono. The departure time and date keeps changing in Hodgkins, ILL. This never use to happen until recently, perhaps in the last year or two.


Labels: I just cut out a lable on one of my Whisper Knit tops last night. They are sometimes so uncomfortable and scratchy that I can't tolerate them. They also pop out quite often when I am wearing them and people come up to me and ask if they can flip it for me. It's embarrassing. (I wear a lot of Linea!!).  I, too, appreciate the printing on the fabric when it is the type that will take it. I wish that Louis would change the size and content of the label so that it isn't so large and so stiff.


I appreciate your comments on the Kimono. I ordered down 1 size because it looked a little too roomy on the models and I think there was mention of it in the presentation.