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Re: Recent Orders ?

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@DizMcTiz wrote:

Really hard to say what was going on.  I noticed other brands had items suddenly reappear around those dates as well. However, I can tell you this.  A WK tank that I had ordered on 1/20 but immediately went into "Preparing Your Order" finally shipped on March 3rd.  So perhaps, there were a few items that they found sitting around.  Maybe part of the models/presenters stock?


Thanks for sharing what happened to you.  It gives me hope.

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Re: Recent Orders ?

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@CGee wrote:

@GoodyShoes You have given me the biggest laugh of the night, now imagining an octopus vaccuming on the ocean floor (while wearing a WK turtleneck).


Thanks!  I needed that laugh today! 

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@Writer with Flair wrote:

@JustJazzmom wrote:

Hurray! one of my items has shipped! It's in NJ!

Just Jazzmom,

     If you don't mind me asking, when did you order your items?  Did any of them ever go into Backorder?  I ordered two pairs of ponte pants and a skirt on 3/8. The next day they went into Backorder.

I ordered my items on March 4th. I'm awaiting one more item to hopefully ship.

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I ordered all my items on the 4th: one was shipped yesterday, and two were shipped today. No back orders yet, but got a letter from QVC  saying that my vivid blue embrioded skirt and the floral embrioded skirt will be shipped by the 17th. If that happens it will be a very nice birthday surprise.


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I received emails about 3 Linea orders today, stating there's been a slight delay and I should receive them by next Thursday.  All are still in preparing your order status.

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@Linmo: I received the same email about 3 of my things too. It makes me think it is some sort of autoreply. I am not optimistic.
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@1jac wrote:

I have a tiny bit of good news. One of my wk orders shows shipped. The rest including the trench coat are still preparing to order. My two Martha Stewart items (pants in different colors)  one went to waitlist and the other shipped. I hope we all get our happy endings.

I have an update. Today I received my MS pants (beautiful)! The second pants are still waitlisted. Tomorrow I expect to receive the WK order mentioned in my previous message. The purple sleeveless TN and matching cardigan have shipped, as well as my espresso trench coat. Still preparing order status items are caramel TN and matching cardigan, and mock neck TN olive as well. I'm hoping my good fortune continues and I receive the above mentioned items.

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Re: Recent Orders ?

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Got five letters from QVC today and now four of the items show they are shipped. I think these letters are positive signs. 


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I ordered the short embroidered skirt on 3-05. Estimated delivery was 3-11, then 3-13. Today (3-12), I got this email:

"Dear QVC Shopper,

We know you're eager to receive your order and we're doing everything we can to ship it to you. We're sorry to share that there's a delay in shipment that may impact your expected delivery date.

We are working hard to ensure that you receive your purchase as soon as possible. Your order should be delivered by Thursday, March 18. For the latest updates & tracking info, simply check your Order Status.

As always, we're here for you. If you have any questions, call us at 800.367.9444 from 7-1am ET, seven days a week. Thanks for your patience."

I have hope that they will eventually deliver this, my last order.

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A few items I had hesitated on that had appeared and then sold out just appeared back in stock again.  I went ahead and placed the orders hoping I do receive them -- you guys have given me some hope on that since many of your orders are either shipping or QVC has acknowledged they will ship shortly.  So fingers crossed!