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Getting concerned about my recent orders too ...
Nothing has shipped since 3/3 ...
Just alot of preparing ...
And now 5 items on backorder ?
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Mine still say “preparing your order”. Hope we didn’t get our hopes up for nothing!
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I ordered a Vera Bradley duffle last week.........and received it 4 DAYS earlier than expected (!!!)     (It's gorgeous, by the way)

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I'm feeling the same way.  I really hope it wasn't too good to be true.  Everything says 'Preparing your order'.  Nothing on backorder.  It's been since 3/4.

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Let's keep our fingers crossed Ladies!  Three of my Linea orders have shipped but they had been on waitlist since January and were in process a day before the inventory influx showed up.  I'm guessing they received a lot of orders when things became available.  It wasn't just Linea - I noticed items from other brands that were sold out became available as well.

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I am beginning to think it was too good to be true. I ordered 12 linea things between the fourth and the seventh, and only one of them has switched from preparing your order to shipped. I think they must’ve had a computer error and sold things that they did not actually have in stock. But, maybe they are short staffed with people being gone for kids’ spring breaks or something?!?!
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I am hoping it wasn't a glitch, but my two orders of 15 items are still preparing.  I am so glad I won't have to deal with the inconvenience of shopping here anymore. The last two years have been filled with mistakes. 

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I ordered 9 items and expedited the one I wanted the most.  I received the expedited but the rest are "preparing to ship".  I hate to be pessimistic; but, considering the customer service issues, back orders are a possibility.  

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Due to your post, I checked yesterday, and found that 5 items are backordered, and one is being prepared.  


I hope they can fulfill all the orders, and have the items in stock. 



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Same story here