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My feelings echo the rest of you. This is certainly a shame. I remember when they did this before to Louis (2006?) when they brought in Isaac Mizrahi. We were able get the decision reversed back then. The world is a different place now. Linea always made me look good. With the elemination of Q2 and Q3, there will also be a fair amount of hosts that will be gone.

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So sad to hear this! QVC is cutting out the heart of its fashion business in my opinion. It keeps letting go of the best fashion and jewelry designers. The new products have cheap fabrics, and common design. I am buying less and less. You're not kidding, the end of an error.

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The Blog was really sad to read.


Wow QVC!!

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Oh this blog brought me to tears. I only have a few pieces of Linea, but I will miss it just the same. I wish Louis the very best.

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Before I retired I wore a several pieces of Linea. I specifically remember two pairs of slacks (brown and black). I loved those slacks. So well constructed and they wore like iron. I still have a butter-cream yellow safari jacket and two knit v-neck sweater tanks. 


Louis is a true gentleman and talented designer! I will miss him.

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Beyond sad.


I always loved listening to Lewis when he was on.


Q has let go of a jewel, if that I am sure.Smiley Sad

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So sad. I sure hope that Louis continues his line somewhere else.
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The quality of his items was excellent.  How very sad.  I bought a pea coat from him years ago, the best coat I have ever had.  2020 sucks.

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Fast forward 20 years from now.  How many clothing lines on the Q will stand the test of time and enjoy such a loyal customer base?  Linea filled a specific nitch in clothing and jewelry.  He differentiated himself from other lines by offering coordinated collections.  Next will be Mackie and Joan Rivers.  
Personally I am bored with the jogger pant, fleece socks, fleece pjs, oversize sit in the couch clothes that are sold on air over and over.  Come on Q.  I have a life off the couch!!!!  I may not go out in public as much but I am not living in hermits  bubble either.


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@Steffdoggy10 wrote:
So sad. I sure hope that Louis continues his line somewhere else.

I really hope he does too.  It sounds like he isn't going to but you never know.