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Add me to the long list of LL who has been a loyal fan for years and will sorely miss the man and this line of clothing.   Really not much reason to shop at the Q for me anymore...

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I am heartbroken at this news.  I discovered Louis, Jac, and Linea about 8 years ago and fell in love!  I never bought designer clothes as it wasn't in my budget, but now I had a designer who made me the most beautiful, quality, feminine clothing!  And jewelry to match too.  I stopped shopping elsewhere and just came to QVC to build my wardrobe with Linea.  I wear Linea about 90% of time, unless I am exercising or gardening.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know Louis and his lovely wife.  I discovered his blog a few years ago and I now consider him a friend.  He has been so kind as to give us advice and sneak peeks, and videos that have been so helpful.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know all the Linea Ladies.


Well, this is not a good decision for the Q as I can spend a lot more money on clothing now at almost 50 than I did when the kids were little in my 20s and 30s, and I have ONLY bought Linea here.   I won't be buying the few things that caught my eye when I was coming here for Linea. 


There really is no replacement for our Dear Louis and Linea.  End of an era, indeed.  Love and hugs to all.

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Why is Linea not sold in stores?  Maybe it should be.  I would buy more if I could try on in person and not have to pay return postage.



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To all of the Linea Ladies.......


As a long time participant in the Q Community I just wanted to stop by and say I was heartsick for each of you and for Louis when I read his blog this morning.   


From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry that Q has made this decision.

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I am heartbroken by this news.  I have a closet full of Louis' designs and I treasure them.


I have been a customer of QVC since the late 1980s.  I can't even imagine how much money I have spent shopping here.  QVC's decision to end the Linea line makes me angry.  


For several years, QVC has decreased the air time given to Louis' designs.  Yet, the clothes and jewelry were available to us online.  Louis posted helpful information on his blog and posted videos on FB to show us the new items.  I truly do not know why that can't continue.  This is a terrible business decision and it is a slap in the face of so many of us that have been long time customers/fans of clothing that doesn't look like a wrinkled old t-shirt.  QVC brags about the thousands of brands it carries -- and yet it can't find space to carry this incredible line?  I don't believe it.  


I suspect that my anger about this decision by QVC will seriously impact my willingness to shop with QVC going forward.  

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Very sad news about our beloved Louis. He was a rare gem in many ways, not the least being his desire to share his knowledge and love of fashion with us. I was sad when he gave up his on air duties (which was completely understandable) because his information was so invaluable. He brought us beautiful fashions, but also a peak into his life with his beautiful muse Jac. I remember when he would share pictures of his vacations with us as well. But also I will miss this Linea forum with you lovely ladies. Mustangshar, Sheesh, Name already taken, Culebra, Designista, Jazzmom,Seka, and my beloved Goldie76 to name just a few. it's been a lovely ride and I will miss Louis and all of you.

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 QVC  moved to the PJ  capital of  online shopping .

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I have to agree with Louis, that the "Golden Era of QVC" has gone and won't return.  And his remarks about a time when the best of materials, etc. were used and price wasn't the main concern - that about says it all.


Now there seems to be nothing on QVC, with very rare exception, that you can't buy elsewhere.  And there are only so many things that are "As Seen on TV" that any of us need or want.


I'm aware that many customers like the offerings of other lines, but I can't honestly say that there's another true designer left.  (I used to love to watch George Simonton and bought items from his line.)


I'm sure QVC is using the line "Time marches on" as its mantra.  But then, so do customers.  They'll need to find their footing with a new customer base.

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@Mustang Shar wrote:

OMG they DID it!!! Smiley Sad


Well.... I'm going to order all the Linea I can afford. It's the best made product on Q and anywhere else.

Kind of leaves me with a bad feeling. We love your designs Louis. When you bought Linea, you bought a CLASSIC well made garment. I look at my jackets.... every single blazer in my closet IS LINEA.  I've just now ordered over $500 for my wardrobe....  


Smiley Sad crying... the end of something great. You want to look GOOD, you wear Linea.  Louis, I've now filled my closet. 

I totally agree @Mustang Shar and with so many others here who have expressed our sadness and anger so well, so beautifully.


Yesterday I had just received a package in the mail, and it was A385146, a stunning print chiffon blouse I don't really need, but I had that feeling that time was of the essence in ordering as much Linea as I needed or could use and could afford.  I went to my computer after trying it on and being delighted with how it fit, looked, and would work into a casual or dressy look easily.  Happy me!


The feeling of worry about Louis and Linea was still there, so I checked Louis's blog and he must have JUST posted the news about the line being discontinued.  Oh no.....


I read every heartfelt word, and tears slid down my face as I knew this was the "new QVC" not the QVC I have been so pleased with for the last 20+ years, and all of Louis's 20 years here.


I didn't check in here until later, just wanted to process the news, news I had been sadly expecting anytime.  Fortunately I have been very bad and purchased more Linea than ever this year; my closet is FULL and it is a glorious collection that will last for years to come.  


It's been quite a ride to have a designer so loved by us all, of such a high caliber  designing incredible collections for us.  I have loved every year of it especially the Jac years, truly the Golden Age of QVC.

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@Bird mama wrote:

To all of the Linea Ladies.......


As a long time participant in the Q Community I just wanted to stop by and say I was heartsick for each of you and for Louis when I read his blog this morning.   


From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry that Q has made this decision.

@Bird mama - What a sweet thing to say! I should not be surprised since we talk on the CP forum!



Louis' jewelry was the only brand that could pull me away from AW - a little at least!  Smiley Wink  My summer staple is one of his Boho skirts with the matching tanks and sheer tops.  My SW jewelry looks great with those! And I look great and pulled together, whether I'm going to dinner or leading a summer workshop! 


I got his last Big Deal, the V-neck jacket in black and in ivory. DD, who is one of the millennials they're trying to reach, really likes it. She is getting the black one for Christmas, along with the sequin pants!  Smiley Happy