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Re: Please, help me bring back my enthusiasm !,

Why join that crowd of mean-spirited critics, fthunt?  We have a right to opinions, of course, but many of our negative ones (including mine sometimes) might be better left unposted.

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Re: Please, help me bring back my enthusiasm !,

I've read all the posts with interest as I find myself in the same spot as the OP and wondered why.  


I think a large part of my blase attitude toward Linea fashions lately has more to do with where I am in life as opposed to the designs.


I have been retired for a few years (was able to retire at 55), so I'm a 'young' retiree.  I've been slowly getting rid of my 'work clothes' - don't need 5 pair of black dress slacks anymore, one will do.  And I hit that stage of life that includes a personal summer - no poly!  I just can't stand it against my skin anymore.  (I have beautiful Anne Klein blouses in poly from my working days and can't wear the either!)


In addition, I'm a classic dresser - always a suit when working as dresses are uncomfortable to me - I think because I'm short waisted (and hippy), one piece dressing is difficult.  Separates work best which was why Louis' designs at Anne Klein and here worked so well for me.  That said, I'm not a fan of flowy clothes, don't like ruffles, bell sleeves or shirts without collars!  Don't like skin tight clothing either - never could get used to leggings, hate things tight around my calf so the skinny jean/pant trend was out for me as well.  As a fan of tailored clothing, real fabrics were my favorites - linen, silk, wool, cotton.  


Well, look around at all the clothes we've been hit with in the last few years!  Not just Linea, (which I don't blame the designer for, as he's trying to make what is 'in style' and of the moment) but ALL clothing lines from couture to Target!


To be fair, Louis designs have prompted me outside my comfort zone on one or two occasions.  Some I've kept and others I just knew I wouldn't feel like 'me' wearing so were sent back.  


So, coupled with my changing lifestyle, the fashion world trends of the last few years have abandoned ME, not the other way around!