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Re: Pineapple Pendant is Posted!

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If you go do a search under Linea jewelry, you will see a banner across the top that says all Linea jewelry ships free. I tried to tell the customer service person this but they wouldn’t listen or look it up. Hey QVC, let’s get some action on this for your good Linea customers.


When this happens--you politely hang up and call back and speak to another CS rep. If that fails, ask to speak with a Supervisor.  I got my $3.50 S&H refund today on the Pineapple pendant---no problem with the CS rep.

@Maxine49 - That’s exactly what I do!  When I ordered the Pineapple Pendant this morning, the first CS Representative I spoke agreed that there was an error in the Q’s system and waived the shipping charge.

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Re: Pineapple Pendant is Posted!

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For some reason, the free shipping not going through was a computer glitch. Everyone should call once they get the receipt. 


I got back $32 in S&H fees. 


@Seka  brought it to our attention, thank you.

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Re: Pineapple Pendant is Posted!



That’s a great price.