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Paging Designista: Your recommendations on sizing for the Cotton Milano knit

In your review of A267937 you noted that  you are larger on the top (Me) and slimmer on the bottom (Me too) so you sized down in the new long double zip Milano jacket with faux leather.   You noted there is enough stretch that it is not a problem for zipping the jacket up.  My question regards the upper arms on the sleeves.  Is it easily stretchable???  I got all 4 of the shorter milano knit jackets that came out in the Spring and was frustrated that there was not enough stretch in the upper arm.  I had to stuff them with fabric to try to stretch them but that fabric mix did not lend itself to nearly enough stretch.  I don't want to make the same mistake by sizing down in this new jacket.  Can you possibly compare if you have A263783 as well?  Or advise on upper arm stretchability in general from your A267937 purchase?