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I noticed for quite a while now that Louis never responds to those who leave a comment on his website anymore. The comments are positive, but there's never even an acknowledgement of those posters. It's one-way only.


I wonder if he means to use his site as a kind of journal.


I've disagreed a couple times with things he posted, but I would never comment; it's his website. He once said war was never the answer. But I wonder what people whose country has been invaded think about that, or the US WW2 veterans & their families, etc.


Today he posted that he'd delete people from his life that he disagrees with. To me, that would leave a person pretty much alone. Friends & family are supposed to tell us the truth whether we completely agree or not, and we should still love each other.


There are some posts of his personal and family & friends memories that I can't relate to, but I do enjoy reading about his career path & creativity. I hope someday he writes a book.


I might stop reading his website.

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@Desert Lily I've never been interested in him at all but based on what you saw on his website I think you have your answer. Might be best to leave it be.

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@Desert Lily   I certainly was POed at Louis a few weeks ago.  I have his beautiful embroidered baseball style white jacket.  It's sat in plastic for years, never worn.


An occasion arose where I needed a dressy jacket so I reached for that one.  I put it on and tried to zip it up and the zipper broke.  Now it's sitting about halfway up looking very unsightly and won't budge.  I don't know if it can be fixed.

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@Desert Lily   I was a long-time supporter and good customer of Louis and a daily visitor to his website.  In December 2020, when he was let go as a QVC vendor, and when he was, I'm sure, still grieving for his wife, certain national events (won't go into here)  led to some very unpleasant postings from him and then from posters.  It had always been a very pleasant website for discussions of fashion, travels, etc.  All of a sudden the tone changed (at least at that time).  I responded to him that I was sorry that he was allowing this (it is his website) but that I didn't want to live with such hate in my heart.  I saw postings that disagreed with him disappear.  That was the end of it for me and I haven't been back.  I'm sorry to hear what you've reported that he posted today.

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Kachina624    Not sure what you mean by broke.  But if it is just stuck and not moving Louis has said to use a bar of soap and rub it along the zipper then it should move easily.  Hope that is all it is. Good luck.

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@BklynKinsey  Thanks for the info. I didn't always follow him regularly, so I didn't know how the

no-responding came to be. You gave me some insight.


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Amazing, a jacket purchased in 2017 and never worn, covered in plastic and after seven years, there is a problem with the zipper!


Blame the designer!  Perfect!

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I believe Louis put on a good act to appear to be a kind, sweet person, but off camera he was a demanding Diva and felt superior to the minions beneath him.


As I mentioned before, I saw him only one time with Mary Nelson on air and he clearly  didn't want to work with her.  His behavior towards her was awful.  I was almost in tears for her.


I have no idea how she stayed focused and completed the show.


He probably got a big rush over the ladies falling all over him at QVC, but now that he isn't designing for QVC anymore, he has no time for his adoring fans.


He loved the spot light, but was not friends with QVC viewers.


In addition, he has probably just moved on. I know I would have by now.

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Re: Noticed No Responses

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Apparently, you have not moved have posted this comment more than once.


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Always enjoyed wearing his  fashions, loved the quality and fit. I know nothing about him as a person and really am not interested. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs but I do not understand feeling the need to share them with virtual strangers.