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wish I could get a better idea of what the fabric is like. Is it a woven or a knit. With 10 percent spandex it sounds like it would have a lot of stretch but I really do not want something that wrinkles.

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@Snicks1 wrote:
Hmmm, wonder if the curry Casablanca cardigan and tank set would go with the coffee bean in this skort,

I asked Louis on his blog this question, below is his response, if anyone else was also wondering about this:


louis dell'olio
July 7, 2015 at 4:14 PM



I tried the curry with the coffee bean and they do work because they are both at the same end of the spectrum if you know what I mean…however you have to pull the colors together somehow. I would suggest a black tank to go with the cardigan and chocolate jewelry to pull the coffee bean up and that will bring the colors together….it’s takes a little more thought than just doing ivory with a black skort or all black, but it can work and look interesting.

"To each their own, in all things".
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I agree that skorts should be above the knee. I actually like my legs and a long skort looks silly on me, anyway. Even some of the SG skorts appeared to me too long unless you are model tall, which sadly I am not. 


Not sure about this design. Hope it sells well, but I don't think it is for me. Will reserve judgment until I see it presented. It is really hard to see in the sneak peak.

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I had a dermatofybroma removed from my leg a few inches above my ankle. The necessary dressing, including waterproof bandages, me and I have a large no-shaving area. Fortunately, my legs don't seem to need it very often. The only person close enough to notice doesn't care.
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Many reasons I won't be buying this item. I think the major one is that Mrs. Malloy, my high school gym teacher would come back from the grave to haunt me for making fun of her varied skorts. Looking back, they were probably the only thing she could wear then.


Of course she's the same teacher who told us in "hygiene class," that if you saw a bird flying by when you were pregnant your baby would have a birthmark shaped like a bird.I kid you not.


And yes, I'm glad I looked good in mini's! When our principal said we could wear them to work, my colleague and I asked him how short. He said, "On you too, the shorter the better."

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I love the top especially in the moss color which will look nice with the moss/blk zebra cardigan; but no skorts for me only because I either wear skirts or shorts not both.

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I cannot wait for these. I intend to get black and moss.