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More Linea Limited Quantity items...

Hi Ladies,

I've found more Limited Quantity items going through my recorded show videos.  I must say it's really ridiculous that these sale priced items aren't accessable to purchase unless you're a super sleuth!!  It's just beyond me, doesn't QVC want these items to sell?!   Here you go, hope you find something!

A347493 - Linea "Cathedral" Print Knit Top

A308469 - Linea Regular Island Floral Maxi Dress

A306293 - Linea Petite Denim Bermuda Short

A293753 - Linea Gauze Crepe Asymmetrical Tank

A287620 - Linea Crinkle Floral Boho Skirt

A308471 - Linea Printed Crop Pull-On Pants (petite and regular)

A311558 - Linea Pebble Crepe Boatneck Tunic (petite and regular)

A341735 - Linea Regular Floral Print Pull-On Soft Skirt

A343559 - Linea Crushed Velvet Pull-On Tier Skirt

A347452 - Linea Fly Front Slim Pants

A341737 - Linea Petite Crepe Gauze Pull-On Crop Pants

A347479 - Linea Stand Collar Striped Shirt with Back Box Pleat

A347446 - Linea Petite Windowpane Crop Pants w/ Lace

A349648 - Linea Petite Zip-Front Crop Pants

A302605 - Linea Lace Top

A347453 - Linea Pullover Top w/ Lace Applique on Sleeve

I'll check for more later...


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Re: More Linea Limited Quantity items...

Thank you Louis.  I just ordered a jacket and a skirt to add to my extensive collection.  I miss you so much!!!!!!

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Re: More Linea Limited Quantity items...

Ms49r - Thanks so much for researching this info !!!
I just got additional colors in the cathedral print.