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After reading Louis's announcement I can't say I'm surprised because I think we saw it coming for awhile. The collection was getting smaller and the fabrics were changing too. I just went through all the Linea clothing and jewelry and bought all the ponte pants in my size and those lined tights I like so much. The good whisper knit sweaters have been gone for awhile but I sure wish they had some in perfectly pink. Maybe Louis can retire now and take it easy on a island somewhere but he will be missed by this old Linea lady that has been with him from the beginning till the end. So now I can save some money by not shopping on the Q because they have nothing interesting left for me.

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The Linea fall collection has been so superlative that I have been buying heavily. Although I questioned my sanity at the time, it is now a happy decision. Unfortunately,

I have been cleaning closets in anticipation of the new Spring Linea Collection....which is not happening the doantions will probably go back where they my closets!

Yes, I miss Louis already!


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Re: Missing Louis already

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I realize that most of us are not designers or business people, but let's try an exercise that might, in the end, hit upon an idea that can save the Linea line by having it offered on a different platform.  For all we know, one of you astute Linea Ladies might suggest an idea that Louis can run with.  Wouldn't that be grand?  Carol thought of the term "Whisper Knit," and you ladies are clever (that's for sure).


The only rule is that we do not shame or ridicule any idea presented.  You can discuss another's ideas, but if you have a negative thought about it, please do not go into attack mode.


Okay, I'm up first and am the first to admit this is a bizarre idea.  Still, to get us started, here's mine:


***Although I felt that Louis and Lisa Robertson never had the greatest chemistry together when he joined her for her QVC show on Monday nights years ago, Lisa presently has an operating outlet for products that she deems attractive.  Perhaps the Linea line is not in her fashion wheelhouse, but maybe she would consider selling it to help her sales.  She might be at a point where she wishes to be a bit adventurous and offer something different.


Louis would not have to store the goods because Lisa has a spacious home now, right?  Of course there are other ready-made advantages that would be beneficial to Louis. 


That's my thought.  What can you suggest? 


ETA:  Two more things:  (1) I did not think this would hijack this thread; rather, after expressing your thoughts of missing Louis, you might offer a way to save the Linea line.

(2)  As they say in the U.S. Space Program:  "No idea is a crazy idea."

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I agree, I saw it coming, as well.  I don't think he's ready to retire.  Designing for QVC was good for him since Jac died.  Good advice would be to stay busy so he isn't thinking about her all the time.  


Addressing @golding76, I'm not sure it's too late, but it depends on feedback from his buyers.  If enough buyers contact QVC, we might be able to turn this around; however, some compromises need to be made.


Louis was never on air a lot, but he'd have to agree to fewer hours for the time being.  I also think he'd have to agree to be present during his shows.  Although, he presented drawings of outfits he wanted the models to wear, since he was gone, they just didn't look as good.  They always looked spectacular.  His presentations were what I'd call a real fashion show and looked forward to them.  


I'd add a bit of change to designs.  Less dressy and formal.  Add a few casual pieces to his lineup.  I think his most recent plaid blazer is a good example.  It can be worn for work and with jeans as a jacket.  I like that it has texture like wool.  


Does anyone like sporty tweed and herringbone blazers, also frequently worn with jeans?  See Ralph Lauren.  Just a few thoughts, but I think he'd need to show these blazers with jeans, too, not only for work.  


QVC might agree to four, two-hour shows, for example, where he presented his new pieces.  


As far as not wanting to drive from CT to QVC, maybe he could find someone to drive him, or consider taking a train or plane.  Not sure he'd want to wait in airports, so a train might be better.  


Definitely, he should not stay in the same hotels or eat at the same restaurants he did with Jac.  Too many memories. 


He used to say he used one manufacturer, but last time he was on air, he said he was using three at that time.  I'm suspicious the other two were used because of lower costs and if that's the case, it showed.  Some of his pieces were not up to snuff.  So, he must insist on quality.


If QVC wants to keep its buyers, they must stop skimping on quality.


He said he's not a jeans and t-shirt designer, that's fine, but with a more casual lifestyle now, I think it would have increased his sales if he offered a few casual pieces.  I purchased his cotton knit pants and button down shirt a few years ago.  I suggested he add casual pieces several months ago, but received no reply.


An agent would come in handy now, someone to negotiate with QVC for him; however, no doubt QVC has the upper hand, at least until his buyers' wrath is made known to them.  


Threatening QVC with "I will no longer shop there" must be serious.  Retailers only understand declining sales.  


Lastly, a question to ask ourselves.  Did we buy less this year?  If so, why?  If we want him to hang around, we must buy his clothing, but first, for me, the quality issue needs to be addressed. 

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Goldie, I think that's a great idea! Hadn't heard from you for a while, glad to hear your voice again.

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Re: Missing Louis already

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All your thoughts were brilliant!  After each sentence, I nodded my head in agreement.  


First and foremost, you are spot-on when you remarked that Louis needs to keep on creating.  As a Creative (who is on the "young" side), Louis will thrive best by continuing to design and put together stunning outfits. 


I loved this from you:  

 "I don't think he's ready to retire.  Designing for QVC was good for him since Jac died.  Good advice would be to stay busy so he isn't thinking about her all the time."  


And yes, other than my recent feeding frenzy this Fall, I may have slowed down in my Linea buying.  That is something to consider.




Thank you for your very kind remark.


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Great ideas ladies!

I've been a great QVC customer for at least 18 years.  I'm doing my best  to have QVC reconsider this decision or else lose me forever.  If this mistake is not rectified, I will consider it to mean middle age women are not valued and I will never shop here again!

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@golding76 I had 2 thoughts on this.   The first is that Linea might be a better fit for the ShopHQ network.  They promote themselves as "Boutique Shopping" and that's what I  consider the Linea line to be.  Another option would be for Louis to create his own website.  He already has the manufacturing and fulfillment (at least for jewelry) channels in place.  Many vendors like Barefoot Dreams, Isomers, Serious Skincare and Skinn have their own websites.  Heck, he could even open an eBay store and sell things that way too.  I hope he does find a way to keep Linea alive!

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You suggested so many good ideas.  Certainly Louis and our beloved Linea line can find a way out.  There has got to be a way for Linea to continue to be available to us.


There has got to be some mode that will work best for him if QVC does not keep him on after a final analysis.



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After Louis stepped down from being the head of Anne Klein, he took a breather for a year or so.  He then did special collections for Neiman-Marcus, Bergdoff-Goodman, and Holt Refrew, a luxury department store in Canada. He also did mens' collections for Cy Syms, a personal friend of his  He stepped down from there after Cy died, management changed, and Louis did not want to work with them.  QVC then approached him for doing a line for them where he remained for 20 years.


IMO returning to QVC is a non starter, although expressing our anger and dismay to them is entirely appropriate.  They treated him, and us, very shabbily.  Perhaps when Mike George's tenure comes to an end at the end of 2021 the environment there will be different.  And it will also be a matter of record of our great unhappiness and sense of loss.  Ours is a vlaluable demographic.


Manufacturing for retail involves large order minimums.  With the wide breadth of sizes and different colorways needed to provide for the Linea clients,  it is very unlikely that anything like that will be forthcoming for us.  So very sad for all concerned.


Louis was born to design. It is in his blood and DNA.  Hopefully a new door will eventually open for him.  He is well-known industry wide and hoepfully others won't want his talent to go to waste.