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Louis does have and use his core models but I too would love to see other sizes and heights especially (in short a wider range).


When I watch Issac and some of the other designers I see models that I have never seen before or only once in a while so I'm not sure if they have their own or what.


I thought at first when I saw the Big Deal posted that it was too short only to look at the measurements and see that the length was doable for me but I still would have liked to see it on a shorter model.

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loveitorleaveit the jacket was on Amy, and Nancy Hornback who did the noon show, and they are both petite, then it was on Courtney and she is petite, so it was shown on petite women. 

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I actually think the sizes are pretty well represented. By now I know my body and what lengths will/will not look right. If I watch, which is rare these days, it’s more to get ideas on how to wear something, combining colors etc., than on sizing. With so much shopping done online these days (and NO modeling whatsoever other than maybe a photo on a size 2 , 5’10” model), I am pretty much used to shopping this way with a lot of success. With many sites offering free returns, it is not really an issue. I rarely order anything from Qvc anymore.
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Re: Linea Big Deal Models

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Maybe it's no accident this jacket was styled on petite hosts, as it's most flattering on them. Could be a coincidence, tho...On Amy, the entire look was perfect. But, on 5'8, plus-sized Maria, it also looked fabulous!


Even though I am many sizes larger than Jac was, her height, proportions & coloring closely synched up with mine, so she was who I always looked to on whether or not something would work for me. I was never disappointed. I've saved all of Jac's photos in all the various outfits I purchased over the years, just to remind me how to put it all together. I forget!


EDIT: Those photos of Jac also make me smile remembering a lovely, beautiful lady.

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I think the jacket looked great on Amy and Nancy because they are both petite.