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I was so excited to receive the two new Byzantine necklaces from Louis. Unfortunately, I received two of the same necklace J482806....the pin/pendant one(J482802) was not one of them.  I don't know if this is a problem of boxes being mismarked or just someonne's carelessness.  I called CS and got the "old song", send it back and ask for the right one to be sent.(and hope it isn't sold out by the time my return is processed) I know this happened with the Berber necklaces and am hoping this isn't that big of a problem this time.....just wanted to alert the rest of you of my experience.

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I would not wait for your return to be credited, but it’s faster to re-order.


The picking of items is done by machines, but the stocking is done by humans.

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I always reorder as well to ensure that I get it.  You could ask customer service for someone to hand pull your piece for you.