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Follow up on My Backorder Linea Coin Jewelry

My Trevi beaded coin necklace Ambra was placed on backorder as I recently posted.  Today I saw my order was now marked cancelled on my a/c.


Checked with customer service live chat just now and indeed it is cancelled.  I asked why was I not informed about this and he said to await notification it will be coming.  He was very helpful as much as he could be.


I can only assume they have had more than  enough backorders for the promised reorder of this jewelry and I was unlucky or, worst scenario, is there now no reorder.  I await the notification.

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Re: Follow up on My Backorder Linea Coin Jewelry

@dulwich. If this necklace is truly as popular as it seems to be, there is likely a high probability that we'll see it restocked.  Sorry it's not working out for you, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for future availability.

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Re: Follow up on My Backorder Linea Coin Jewelry

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Louis has said that the coin jewelry will be reordered, but it would be AT LEAST a couple of months before they would be available.  I asked on his blog because my Ambra Trevi necklace arrived damaged.  I decided to reorder the Trevi in another color rather than wait who knows how long for another Ambra.  I'm sure there is already a long waiting list.

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Re: Follow up on My Backorder Linea Coin Jewelry

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I am sorry for this frustrating outcome.  Have you saved the necklace in another color on your wish list and checked back time to time to see if the Ambra is available?  Over the last week, I have seen an Ambra pop up every now and again.  Now I wish I had alerted you to this.  Save it in Carmine and then check everyday to see which colors show.  If I see it, I will page you although I do not have the sort of nic-naming connection that sends you an alert.  (Long story about that...)  


Someone posted that she did not like her bead necklace in Ambra and is returning it.  Mine in Ambra arrived yesterday, and I like it well enough.  It has a certain quiet charm about it because of the coloring.  If I'd had my druthers, I probably would have made the beads a larger size, but on the other hand, this color and size will be perfect nestled in the area above the Roma. (I plan to wear both together at times -- but not always.)


My necklace lies perfectly in my neck and clavicle area, and I am delighted by the whimsical touch of the two spacers.   


My plan was to order a second pair of the Roma clip-ons, and now they are all gone.  Hope they return.