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Fly front pants on sale for $34.14

I just noticed that these have been marked down from $57 to $34.14!

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Re: Fly front pants on sale for $34.14

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These are beautiful pants. I had tried them a few months back, but I was suprised at how wide the pants were. In the video, they look more straight leg width. I have short legs and they were just too "big" for my legs, and sadly I returned them. Just be aware...

I tried the petite length, which was perfect....A378727...just too wide of a pant. I have the matching blazer and was disappointed the pants did not work for me. At this price they definitely are worth trying!  Check the garment chart....measures 20 inches in leg opening circumference. 

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Re: Fly front pants on sale for $34.14


The diameter would be a 10" opening. 

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