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I'll pass on all three new items that'll be on FEW Friday. Just kinda blah to me. I have plenty of good Linea pieces from earlier this fall. Really missing Linea holiday items this year.
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The tunic shirt in ivory and red, and the new ballet top with the peplum bottom is Holiday enough for me. I already have enough jewelry and sequin pieces to jazz them up.

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I have bought a ton of Linea this fall-most of which I was sure about during Louis's sneak peaks.  I have to see the new items when they air.  Right now the one that I am interested in is the swing azymetrical scoop neck top in either raspberry or black.  Lately when I travel I generally take Linea as it is so packable. Louis's clothing has totally simplified my travel life. I arrive unwrinkled.  I thought his new azymetrical top might be good for traveling as it can be dressed up or down. The style looks like it might be flattering on me.


 Without Lisa R's Posh Show in December, I do not think the Q will feature dressy or more high end occasion clothing. I have always purchased something special for myself from that show.  I, too, also miss Louis's holiday fare.  I purchased his black sequin top and skirt a few seasons ago.  I will be wearing the black sequin skirt this holiday season with his new lovely white or black pointelle cardigan with peblum with a long beautiful strand of large baroque pearls and beautiful Ripka earrings, watch and bracelets.  I have worn his sequin outfit from a few seasons ago a lot.  The Linea sequin outfit still looks as lovely today as when I purchased.  Louis's clothing is so timeless.

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I brought so much as well new items as well as clearance so I am set and I just added a few pieces from his jewelry line this year.  I am interested in the red and ivory tunic but I want to see the presentation and I think he has one more show Dec 29 to close out 2015.

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Re: FEW clothes

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I think the trend is more casual during the holidays now, which is a shame IMO. I see family & friends at the Thanksgiving table or posing in front of the Christmas tree in jeans!!! I'm sorry, maybe I'm too old school, but I think it shows respect for the holiday and the people celebrating with you to dress for the occasion & make it special. That's why I think these new pieces from Louis fit the bill so nicely--elegant, simple and a canvas for beautiful jewelry to kick it up a notch. Nothing over the top, but just right.


I ordered a LOT this fall season--love it all--and I recently added a few more jewelry pieces. I also picked up the tunic shirt (can't resist the length) in ivory and red.