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@UhRose wrote:


One of the little white pads from the clip earrings is missing. If anyone would like to repost the contact info for the manufacturer so that I don't have to go hunting for it, I would appreciate it. I love them and will not possibly return them. 



Same for me---one of the pads on the Roma Clip earrings was missing and then the other one fell out and would not stay in. They really just need to be replaced with better quaity pads---I'll pick some up on Amazon.


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I don't order much Linea jewelry but I was very glad I decided to order J478583
Linea by Louis Dell'Olio Amalfi 45" Coin & Multi Bead Necklace. It is a little longer than I like, but it has enough weight it doesn't swing like some of the lighter weight longer necklaces. I also ordered the black Trevi earrings. I wore them Sunday with the Linea black moss crepe sleevless dress. This is my favorite Linea necklace followed closely by the Pompeii necklace.  I like that it has red, ivory and blue and black and green. Those are all good colors for me.