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Linea Ladies- Please share what have you found at the Q or elsewhere that rocks with your Linea wardrobe.

For me, it's A270633: Dennis Basso faux leather quilted topper. While I have probably one of each jacket and coat that Louis has ever brought us, this one is very Chanel inspired, Great quality and fit. While the quality of the material is wonderful, it will also appeal to our no-leather ladies (@gardensla) and those that do not require a heavy coat in warmer climates.


What clothing and/or accessories can you add?

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I have quite a bit of Joan Rivers, GILI, Dennis, the old George Simonton jackets, the beautiful Pamela Dennis jackets that are timeless, some Bob Mackie and a couple Marc Bouwer slacks, a cute Chloe Dao jacket, numerous items that I pair.  My latest was the Sonjia Williams (GILI from Project Runway) charcoal laser cut midi skirt that is a great match to the charcoal turtle neck from LDO, which I wore to a doctor visit and had so many compliments, worn paired with silver jewelry, dark nylons and black pumps.

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NAT...I want to thank you for mentioning the DB coat.  Love the faux leather option in a classic style...recently decided to explore leather alternatives.