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A268133 Beautiful Top!

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I saw this Linea top on clearance awhile ago and due to the lack of new whisper knits to wear with all the great blazers, pants, coats, decided to try this top A268133 and received it a few days ago.


It is truly one of those superficially very simple little tops that you have no idea will be so beautiful, flattering, comfortable, and versatile until you get it in your hands and then try it on. 


Wow, it is so Chanel, beautifully seamed (princess), with a bit of a flare at the hem, and a bit longer in back.  The proportions are so "just right" that it is instantly slimming and looks very French and modern and has that tweed look and texture.  Even the sleeves were slim and elegant, just right, and that is hard for me to find.  I love the black outlining the neckline too.


It isn't like a wool tweed, it is soft, has stretch but looks like very expensive yarn in it.  There are only a few left in S, M, and L in the black tweed but it is a basic you can wear with so many other pieces and give them a new look. 


I put it on with slim Linea black pants and threw on the long black trench over it, oh my, so beautiful.  I know I'll get much use from this little sleeper. 


Louis can do "simple" with all the details, fabric, cut and proportion so it looks like it cost a small French fortune.....!

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Re: A268133 Beautiful Top!

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@author  You found a winner! I have that top and the matching skirt. Wish I'd gotten it on clearance though, as you did! But, even at full price, it was a great buy and I've gotten a lot of wear out of both pieces together and separately.


Enjoy your find!

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Thanks! I ordered mine. Classic timeless style.

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I hope you like it @Sweet_Serenity!


@GraceCO, I would have paid the full price had I known it was so good! 


I don't have the matching skirt but am happy with just the top as I don't wear skirts that frequently now that I am retired, but do have several black Linea ones that look perfect with the top, and pants, and jeans, etc.  I'm also pleased it isn't tunic length.  At 5'3" a shorter length that isn't tight at the hem is very flattering for me.  And slim sleeves!  So pretty.

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@author I have the top and skirt also and ditto to everything you said!

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@author  I don't know how I missed this one, so thank you so much for pointing it out.  Great price, too.  

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I agree. This is a beautiful top and one of my favorites!