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@AngelPuppy1 wrote:

I hope this company does not go under!  I really like their products.  And I think Laura is just a darling woman and she is so much fun when she comes on.  She is one of the few shows that I watch! 

I doubt we'll see Laura Geller on the Q anymore. Her items are barely ever aired, and she sold her company. 

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om her website and yes it did take forever and some did not make it for xmas, but there was tracking. I was able to track my orders. I feel the same as you do and so hope we wil be able to find the products we have aways loved from the laura geller brand.











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Last year Ulta clearanced all her product line.  Found tons at Marshall's and TJMaxx. I loaded up on  her balance and Brighton for $5.99 each.  I bought for myself and daughter. I have enough to last a few years.  I think she did sell her company and it went bankrupt. Last October I ordered from her website and was advised it would take a while to get because they were moving the company. A lot more expensive that Marshall's.  I lucked out.  Sorry to see her products disappear.

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Re: Laura Geller

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Mom told me Laura Geller's line disappeared from Ulta months ago (b4 Xmas). 


How private equity gnerally works is the founder signs a personal services contract for X period of time.  There's usually a non-compete agreement too.

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I like Laura Geller's products....but I noticed she isn't on alot anymore

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It makes no sense that the purchaser then changes or cheapens the products and they lose the customer base- It happens constantly. I don't get it...

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Re: Laura Geller

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The company that bought Laura Geller in 2016, Glansoal. also bought Julep and Clark's Botanicals. Shortly after, Jane Park, who started Julep, left due to "creative differences." In 2017 the then CEO of Laura Geller left. Glansoal tried to sell, but declared bankruptcy in 2018. AS Beauty bought the bankrupt companies.They sold Clark's Botanicals back to the original owners. They hope to build the Laura Geller and Julep brands. Jane Park will not be involved in any way. I'm just guessing, but I think they probably hope Laura will stay on as the "face" of the company. 

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Her Product is here...  Then it is all but gone...  Now it is here again.


Well, while the products were mostly gone from here, and I ran out, I had to find something else.  Finally found a powder from IT that I made work.  But, not much in an IT compact.  Within 2 months I saw the bottom of the compact.


I'm now waiting for the big size Bronze & Brighten I bought here to ship.  Those last almost forever.  I ordered the Fair and the Medium.  


Now if her Balance & Brighten would come into stock in the big compacts in more shades that the Dark, I will order, and be set for a long-long time.

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