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Laura Geller TSV Foundation

I normally use the Laura Geller Balance and Brighten line.  Watching the demonstration of the TSV today, I notice the shades look reddish on my TV and all the models have so much makeup on. Makes me wonder about it.    Anyone else notice this?   Think I will stay with Balance and Brighten as I like a more natural look.


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Re: Laura Geller TSV Foundation

The TSV foundation is a liquid foundation. It is designed to provide more coverage. That is why it looks like heavier makeup than Balance and Brighten.  I also use balance and brighten, but I use a liquid foundation first, then balance brighten on top to provide more coverage.

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Re: Laura Geller TSV Foundation

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@Plain Ann


I don't see that at all, they look lovely on my tv and laptop.  I thought Laura showing her own before and after looked great.. Just from seeing her own before and afters,  I bought 2 sets in different shades- (I have pink and slight yellow to my skin so I need to test shades)

  I don't like matte, too dry on me.  This looks dewey but not over-dewey, nice and normal for me. 


I'm not a daily- (only a few days a week, maybe, if that, some weeks no foundation, and more of a tint, never full on coverage)- foundation, or full coverage girl, I like this, can sheer it out as need or go with more coverage as well. 


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Re: Laura Geller TSV Foundation

The presenttion that I saw showed a model with a full face of makeup on and then they pretend to put more on.  I turned the channel.  I thought it was deceiving.

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Re: Laura Geller TSV Foundation

I would be tempted to try her new foundation if I hadn't just received the Algenist foundation.  I love it and I'm going to have a hard time trying to use up all my other foundations because I definitely prefer this one.