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Etheral Rose - What's happening?

What's happened to Etheral Rose Blush?  I never wore blush until this one.  Now I can't find it in large or small.  Has it been discontinued?  If it has please bring it back.  No Etheral Rose means no wearing any blush.  I have tried several of your other blushes Laura but they are all way too dark for my skin.  What's going on?

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Re: Etheral Rose - What's happening?

Sadly, I'm thinking the Ethereal Rose shade has been discontinued from Laura Geller's line.  Not only the blush, but Ethereal Rose Spackle has also been unavailable for some time.  Laura's website doesn't have them either.  I sent an email expressing disappointment over not being able to get Ethereal Spackle.  Received the usual blah blah blah response, but if enough people write in sometimes things find their way back to inventory. 

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Re: Etheral Rose - What's happening?

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It is available on eBay. They also have the ethereal spackle.

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Re: Etheral Rose - What's happening?

@Sunshine123 - Welcome to the forums! You'll always find helpful advice from other posters here, but the vendors usually don't see the posts.


This was one of my favorites too. Sadly, Laura no longer owns her company. It was sold once, then again to a new company who is "restructuring" it.  At first it looked like the first company kept most of her products and similar formulas, but I don't know about now. I think we'll be missing a lot of things. 


You can try to reach out to Laura on Facebook. That works with some vendors here. Good luck!