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I was just sitting here once again waiting for the hot water so I can jump in the shower and was just meandering around when I said...hmmmmm....  which one should I just read...when I saw Laura Geller and I thought....yes I've heard of her and thought wow, what a catchy name!  LIke this here.....


What's your name?   Laura Geller!  It just has that bossness to it.  Sort of like aristocratic.  Something like that.


One day, a while back, my husband was watching foot ball and he said that guy's name is Blankenship isn't that odd?  I said ....NO!  WOW!  Mine's so plain I love a different name and we were laughing.  I said, I love that name!!!!!  This is how Laura Geller's name struck me.  So, just my two cents, as usual...thanks for reading...

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Yes, I hear you. I agree, some folks have really cool names that just roll right off your tongue. One comes to mind of a really cool vendor here in fact who brought beautiful clothes here for us.


Cameron Silver - I so enjoyed him every time he was on. I'd never miss a show in fact or try hard not to. He sold me on SO SO many long sleeve and short sleeve basic tops almost teeshirt like but with so much more class to them. 


Cameron has a great name I think!

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I've always wanted to be a Mutaspaw. I don't know why. There is a family around here & I see their name & think I should be a Mutaspaw!

I have never met a Mutaspaw, but for some reason I want to be Dusty Mutaspaw. LOL