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Cover Lock Foundation

This is my first impression of the new foundation.  I just received it yesterday.  My first thought was that it was a small bottle for the cost.  I put it on and it looked good but it felt too heavy; however I decided that I just needed to use less and use a different brush than the one that came with it.  I did not love the brush, with the sponge head.  It just felt too floppy for me.  I have been using an Artis foundation brush, so I used that this morning, taking care to use just a smaller amount of foundation.  I wore it all day and it did not feel too heavy today.


It still looked good after about 11 hours on today so I think it is a winner!  I have pretty sensitive skin so I will try it out for a while longer to see if I have any issues before posting an official review!  If you try it just be careful not to use too much because it only takes a small amount to cover well.