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Re: A305433 Knit Sleeveless Maxi Dress with Chiffon Trim (June 2018 TSV)

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@Pearley wrote:

@Dulwich  and others who have this former TSV dress.  Dulwich, I hope you see this in time for an LTS today.  You once asked me what cardis would go with this and I mentioned a cut-out one which I think you purchased in brook to go with the willow dress.  There is also one today - I'm thinking about getting the black which will be great with the black and the williow in this dress. It's available in regular and petites, but more colors/sizes available in petites. (Link to petites is below, look at LTS if you need the regular)  I will say that long ago (this item has been around for a long time) I had the regular one home and it was much too long and overwhelming on me at 5'3" so I sent it back.  Hopefully the petite will fit me much better if I decide to get it.  Still on the fence - I have so much of her rayon span.  But with the dress hemline and the chiffon at the sides of this one (which is a good price) it will go nicely, esp. with the black (great funeral outfit). Price was $27.97 on LTS that day.

@Dulwich   I received my LTS (link above) in the black petite and it's just perfect.  I'm so happy I got it, even though it's - yes- more rayon span I don't need.  But it's wonderful with the two TSV dresses I ("we") own. And although often petites are too skimpy for me, even at 5'3" (I'm more short than petite), this one is a perfect length  in my opinion (I mentioned above the regular length swamped me and I sent it back a long time ago).  Of course it will go with lots more besides the TSV dresses, but I had those in mind when I ordered this cardi.