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Lori makes so many Tank tops and I am a fan of logo and I love her clothes. Quite frankly I believe her demographics is middle-aged women and me for one do not like my arms showing. I've also heard Lori say herself she doesn't like her ars showing.


Please please please make more three-quarter sleeve tops and also please make more short sleeve or three-quarter sleeve cardigan, coverups so to speak (not long sleeves). Something lightweight and easy to wear over the tank tops.  But please no shrugs!


Can any of you relate?  Do any of you have a good solution? Or am I all alone in this dilemma?

Please help Lori,,,

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Sometimes Lori makes the most beautiful prints in sleeveless tanks.  Like you, I won't wear sleeveless, but I would have loved that print.  Lost sale.

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I would love to see mesh dickies in all different solid colors to wear under the sleeveless tops. I would like them to just have a sleeve to cover the top arm so they can be worn in summer.  I have so many sleeveless tops that I don't wear alone and would have purchased many more if Icould just cover my top arms.  I think it would become a staple in your line.  Thanks.

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Though I still love sleeveless tops in summer I agree she seems to be making so many of them.  I kind of like the twinsets I've bought over the years of hers where the tank comes with the matching cardigan, not the one shirt over the other thing.  What I also find insulting at times is the price of the tank is usually the same price as a full shirt with sleeves!

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I prefer sleeveless.  I rarely  show my upper arms !


I always wear a cardi all year long and do not need sleeves in my way!

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@RespectLife wrote:

I prefer sleeveless.  I rarely  show my upper arms !


I always wear a cardi all year long and do not need sleeves in my way!

Exactly, this is how I wear and enjoy my Logo tanks, also.

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I had the most wonderful wardrobe of Lori things - collected over several years.  Every day I stood and had to pick just 1 outfit and leave many others aside. Layers, sweaters, cotton tops and tanks all mixed and matched.  Loved them, they were all I wore casual or work.  I even had dressy things in LOGO. Then, (2020) the tornado came and the rain damage after it left me with only what I could leave the house with that day. All was ruined.


I think her style and interest has changed since that time.  Single random tops that all seem to be the same, no related products to personalize them or show how to layer them.  I'm finally home after a complete rebuild, but my LOGO wardrobe is greatly missed and what I see now is so "same" how do you differentiate between them?


Just finally had to say something somewhere. Thanks.

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You are definitely not alone.  I wish she would do more elbow sleeve tops for those of us women of a certain age who do not like to show the tops of our arms.  I also agree with you that she should do some 3/4 length cardigans in the lighter weights for summer.  I would like to see them in solid colors to go with all the prints she does. All this said, she is my favorite designer and most of the tops (tanks, shirts, cardigans) in my closet are logo!

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Re: A plea to Lori and LOGO

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I would also like to see more 3/4 sleeves in logo, and more open necklines, like V or U necks.


I am guessing the sleeveless are a big seller, since she makes so many of them, but I have never bought many tank tops.  Bought a few to wear under jackets, but I don't do that much.


I really love her use of color, and this draws me to the line.  I also like mixed media, and irregular shapes.


But I won't buy any more of her long sleeves because they are always too long.  


I also won't buy anything with ruffles or seams around the hips, what was I thinking?????


I also don't care for her up to the neck necklines.

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Re: A plea to Lori and LOGO

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Lori came up with her popular mesh underpinning tops (also can be worn over clothing) for people who don't like to wear sleeveless items.