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Re: whats cooking in september?



Lydia's Spaghetti Sauce ( Lydia was a sweet Italian young woman who was a great cook - she worked for an Army Officer's family while in Frankfurt, Germany.


6 carrots, 6 celery stalks cut in super small pieces


2 large onions also cut fine


"Some" oil


1 pound hamburger

some garlic sauce and anything else you may think of


4 to 5 small cans of tomato sauce


3 to 4 cups of water


Cook slow for at least 2 hours


As a reminder in those days (we were first exposed to this recipe in 1954) we used only iron frying pans for something like this. Some of the wording was exactly like the note sent to my Mother in 1961 by Amy Harper since none of us seem to have been able to find our recipes. Amy who sent it was so funny, and some of her comments she wrote mother are not submitted here but the one I loved is printed here (and anything else you may think of.) These military wives who often traveled the world over with their husbands or LEFT to fend for themselves were all master cooks. Lydia was married to a nice young American man who WAS in the Army and stayed there - Lot of our military after WWII did not come home. He worked for the Army at this point however. Have often wondered how LYdia and JOhnny did - suspect well. 


Amy's husband was in the Intelligence division and was unbelievably smart - spoke fluent Russian. They are buried here - this is why my family wound up here - the two families were tighter than anything.


Anyway, sorry it took so long but my baby?? brother and his wife were having too much fun on that motorcycle trip up North.


Our hot weather may have finally left us - we shall see. KInd of chilly today. and wet!

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Re: whats cooking in september?

Spicy shrimp and grits are on the menu for this evening. Looking at some of these posts is making me hungry NOW LOL.



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Re: whats cooking in september?

Spaghetti in the instant pot.  Which means leftovers tomorrow and Sunday!


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Re: whats cooking in september?

@vabreeze, Just letting you know that Winifred posted your recipe.

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Re: whats cooking in september?

@Winifred ,

Yeah!!!! Thanks so much, Winifred.  I hope you did not stress yourself over getting this recipe from your brother.  I had been on vacation and although I had my tablet with me, somewhere I lost my charger in one of the hotels I stayed and  couldn't acknowledge your message. 


I really appreciate your efforts in sharing this recipe.  I plan to make it soon and will let you know what I think of it.


Hope you are staying cool, getting your rest and eating well. 

Here in my part of VA, summer has decided it is not leaving anytime soon,-- much too hot today.  And I think it (summer) told the rain to get lost.😠


Have a blessed weekend.  



  1. @tiny 2, Thanks for letting me know Winifred has posted the spaghetti recipe!







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Re: whats cooking in september?

Spaghetti and garlic bread for our meal today.