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@Laura14 wrote:

@KaySD   Oooh, I may steal that.  You are better than me! 


I normally make a huge batch of shredded sweet potatoes and cook them stove top in olive oil, tumeric, and Italian spices.  


Then I can and do mix in the turkey or sometimes I fold in cheese sauce or sometimes I do scrambled eggs mixed in for a breakfast bowl.  Or it can be straight up as is with a side of ketchup.  


Very versatile!  



Also, turmeric with Italian spices? Like, oregano? Rosemary? Interesting...

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@KaySD   I have thought about potato pancakes but I haven't tried that yet.  I mix in tumeric and Italian spices all the time in my cooking.  Once is good for me and one is just good.  Smiley Very Happy

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Was so hot yesterday - literally quite difficult to breathe. Today suppose to be worse and Friday even worse. By tomorrow we should be at 107 - not real thrilled to read what is in store for us. No thank you. 


Not much cooking being done quite frankly. Have some great prepared frozen homemade meals and am sure I will be using them. At my age we can get 5 prepared meals per week with no charge OR what you can donate.This is a City project and the building is in the next block. Cannot go wrong with that. Needless to say as I have become less and less able to do a lot of things, I jumped at it. Get a few extras - like milk, one apple, some frozen fruit. It works fine - only had about 2 of the meals I did NOT like at all. 


Stay cool everyone.