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recieved my WP plasma skillet

today . I Smiley Surprisedthink it was just Monday that I ordered it . I bought the 8" to give it a try. I needed a small one as the copper chef line was disappointing to me. Even with oil items stick now in the copper chef.


This one is beautiful .Stainless steel on the outside. Here is hoping that the interior is what it is supposed to be. It looks really tough and you are supposed to be able to use metal tools . I guess time will tell.

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Re: recieved my WP plasma skillet

I have 2 of his plasma skillets and love them.  I got rid of my Copper Chef because after a few months, everything started sticking!

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Re: recieved my WP plasma skillet

Copper Chef - Eric kind of disappeared - if he had back surgery  (rumor or real ?)it was months ago.  When so many pieces went on clearance - wondered what was up.  I bought one set for $25 - too big to cook and store so gave it to the Mission. 

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Re: recieved my WP plasma skillet



I ordered them when they were TS & first introduced.  I hate to admit it but CS cookware went in the pantry as a back-up & I ❤️ CS cookware!


The weight of these skillets are great & cleanup is a breeze!  Enjoy them I know I do! I would have ordered the set but didn't need more saucepans.