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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

@tarytoo wrote:

i love Aldi's but seldom shop there. when they remodeled they made the store larger. that makes it impossible for me  to navigate on foot. i have trouble walking. and they don't provide alternative carts, like scooters for those of us that are disabled or seniors. 

@tarytoo @I don't shop there that much either because they only take cash at the store if shop at.   

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

The remodeled our Aldi's store here about 2 years ago.  Other than more merchandise I did not see much difference.


Their produce started going down hill really bad, so I dont shop there anymore, wasnt worth the few cents saved, to hope they had decent produce, potatos, onions, fruit, etc.

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

It's a great place if you don't need a particular item. Once I wanted a frozen fruit pie and they didn't have any. However, when it comes to the basics, I shop there.

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

It's not my favorite store.  I do go there in a pinch to just grab an item or two.


Their bread products are horrible.  Everytime I bought a bread product, it landed in the trash.


Their yogurt was terrible.  I am not picky, but I just could not eat it.


Many of their items are found elsewhere...less expensive.


I do love their I grab a bar or two if I am in there.


There are three stores in my area.  Two of them are brand new.

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

In NJ, I have an Aldi's about 5 minutes away and then another one about 10 minutes away in the opposite direction.  Each of these Aldi's have expanded and upgraded, and I found their produce department so much better now.  Things like fresh salad greens, asparagus, green beans etc. are now in  upright refrigerated cases like you see in regular grocery stores.  It's well organized, neatly displayed and still at prices lower than regular grocery stores.  Produce like potatoes, onions, bananas etc are displayed and well stocked in non-refrigerated cases.  I've noticed an increase in a bigger variety of produce too, like fresh ginger and English cucumbers being offered. 


I don't mind the few center aisles that have non-food items.  I find myself picking up a few things that are well below the cost of the same item elsewhere. 


I recently purchased in the bread aisle Brioche rolls (package of 4)  that I use for hamburgers or pulled pork.  The cost for those are much less than at a regular grocery store.   My daughter bought  Apple Strudel breakfast bread that was absolutely delicious.   


When I go grocery shopping, I always go to Aldi's first for many staples as well as other items.  If the regular grocery store has an item or two that are on sale I will head there but not before doing a good deal of shopping at Aldi's first.  The savings of $0.25 or $0.50 here and there on each item adds up quickly.  For me, I save quite a bit each week by shopping Aldi's first and then subsidize anything else needed at the regular grocery store. 

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

When I first moved to my area 15 years ago I had never seen an Aldi's.  When I checked it out I was lucky to spend $5.  Now I shop there for dairy and produce and occasionally other items that seem interesting.  I am lucky that mine is good. 


Aldi's does things their way for sure.  I am active with a local food pantry and we were purchasing groceries there.  They would not order specifically for us but we had to pull from the shelf after cases were cut open.  What a mess transferring cases of unwrapped items in their cases and getting four people to pick up groceries to put all items in the cart.  We now support a local grocery chain that gives us a discount and orders what we need.  Only if they are unable to supply we pick up at Aldi's.


That being said Aldis's has set up a new program for food pantries.  When we pick up goods we arrive and are given items they have just pulled from the shelf.  It began as produce and believe me we had to sort through it when we got it back.  They then offered us meats and bread that had just been pulled.  They were just at their dates and still good.  I have a deep respect for businesses that supporft non profits.


As others have said, I shop there first so I can go elsewhere if they do not have what I am looking for.

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

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I have an upgraded Aldi near me and you can add me to the not impressed list.  


Yes I have noticed that the prices of many items has greatly increased.  Sometimes with a sale I can do better at Giant Eagle and I save money on my gas to boot.


The produce is very hit or miss at my Aldi.  Besides the quality you really have to watch the dates on their bagged lettuce.  Oftentimes it expires within a day or 2.  I was in Aldi yesterday and their organic spring mix was marked down by $1.00 but every box of it expired today!  Why would I want a gigantic box of spring lettuce that expires the next day?  That was all they had.   


You just have to know your prices.  I also think they do much better on specialty items than everyday items for me.  I could never do all my grocery shopping at this store.  The one and only time I bought chicken from there it was like rubber and that has been a common complaint with other Aldi shoppers I know as well.  


Unless I need a lot that I know I can get from Aldi, I don't bother.  I don't have time to run from store to store to save a few bucks.  Yesterday I needed a lot that I knew would be cheaper from there so I made the trip.  But all in all they just don't have brands I use or like on most items and any name brand food they do get is the same price as anywhere else.  There is no discount.  


@Carmie, I found the yogurt bad too, their chocolate chips aren't to my liking and any of their coffee pods I have tried have been horrendous.  I quit trying.

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

I used to buy my hot sauce at Aldi. Used be 79 cents, now it

is $1.99, I now get elsewhere. We have no problem with their

breads. Enjoy the rye and plain, tastes fine. Cheap hamburger

and hot dog rolls, we have never had a problem with.


Get my Mom their version of Corn Flakes for 99 cents a box,

she likes them. Also she likes the yogurts which have gone

up in price. 


Their hummus is really good, around $1.79 a container. Their

baked goods are usually reasonable. I go every week or two.

Its hit or miss with some other stuff, usually get a small order




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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

i will be a dissenter and say that ALDI is not my favorite place to shop. we have one that is about two years old. not a fan of the produce, no fresh deli, no fresh bakery, and limited selections of products. i have too many other good choices in grocery stores that are all close by.


we are getting a new LIDL....not sure how that compares?

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Re: "Upgraded Aldi stores" reshaping prices, choices, bargains

I'm the exception. I've been to Aldi's twice and that was enough. I just don't care for the store. 

I'm also not a fan of Trader Joe's. 

I just want to grocery shop in one place and have it done. Publix is fine with me. 

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