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Was thinking the same thing a few days ago. 


They are labeled large, but look medium, some even small compared to what they were in the past. 

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Re: "Large" Eggs

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@susielong wrote:

Yes so true, but in the meantime the chicken breasts just keep getting bigger in size. Even though they still claim no hormones, antibiotics, etc. The size we buy now equals about two of what you used to buy years ago. 

Maybe the chickens being bred with a large-breasted breed?  

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The small eggs are really small these days, I do not recall seeing medium sized eggs offered lately. I usually buy local fresh eggs that are unclassified.

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Acme had a four-day sale on eggs recently - only $0.88.  I selected a dozen of the store brand but didn't see a "sale" sign on the refrigerated case.  So I asked at customer service if these were the ones on sale.  He said no, that medium eggs were on sale, not large.  So I returned them to the case, but didn't see the medium eggs.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen medium eggs!  I didn't return to customer service because who wants medium eggs anyway.  Weird sale by Acme.

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Re: "Large" Eggs

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I think they are selling medium eggs and putting them in cartons labeled "Large" least that' s what it looks like to me anyway. I wonder if the egg industry has changed their sizing standards? 



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It's all regulated unless like so much in government, regs have gone by the wayside.

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I only buy our local farmers eggs. Love opening up the container and seeing a variety of sizes. So rural. Heart

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What I call a large egg and the grocery stores call a large egg are 2 entirely different things.

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Re: "Large" Eggs

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Yes! I have noticed that lately my "Jumbo" seem more like "large"!

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Having lived in the D.C. area most of my life, I got used to what was called a "large Grade A" egg, and sometimes suspected I was getting cheated on the size designation.


Then moved to Georgia, and  large eggs sold here seem so much bigger.  This state is supposedly one of the biggest chicken and egg suppliers in the nation.  Whatever these locals are feeding their chicks, it seems to produce a very nice, hefty egg.  


Eggs are cheap here in many places, too.  Lowest I've seen is 65 cents a dozen.  That was a limited-time price.  In recent weeks, 80 cents a dozen at Aldi.


This thread has inspired me to take a look at what passes for an extra large or jumbo egg around here.  Haven't paid them any attention so far.