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Re: "Duff vs Buddy" on Food Network

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I only watched a part of the show one time and didn't care for it.  However, I've been a Duff fan for a very long time and enjoy him on other shows. I don't know a whole lot about Buddy.



I was a big fan of "Ace of Cakes" when it was airing.  After last night, no way.  He threw insults this way and that.  Buddy had his say, but not in front of the judges like Duff did.  Duff is clearly into low blows.


@sfnative - I'm only a little surprised at Duff's reaction—after all the insults coming from Buddy during the first two episodes, one snarky comment doesn't seem like it's that much of a "low blow." I am, however, extremely surprised at Buddy's attitude overall; he never seemed this arrogant or condescending on his show or anywhere else I've seen him, such as his regular appearances on Rachael Ray's show. This competition seems to be bringing out the worst in these otherwise fun and friendly guys...

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Re: "Duff vs Buddy" on Food Network

@loriqvc---- You are right. I don't watch during the day just at night. But then there are the ones on the weekend too------my DD loves those ones and watches.