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My problem with the clothes is that you can order two of the exact same item in the same size, and they are different.  Just happened to me with a Denim & Co. "perfect" jersey top.  One fit fine, the other in a different color was too tight, so I sent it back.


I have also received Denim & Co. jeans where one leg was longer than the other, and Susan Graver Lustra knit pants that were WAAAAYYY too long, longer than stated measurements.  By the time I opened them and tried them on, it was too late to send them back, but I should have anyway (won't make that mistake again). I had to hem them myself, and now they don't look quite right.


Once we know our size, everything in that size should fit, and that is not the case due to poor quality control.

I always check the garment measurements and rarely, if ever, have a problem with fit, especially in D&C, which I find to be very consistant.  I usually don't even try things on until I'm ready to wear them the first time.


People always complain about quality control when they get a defective item.  Do they really think they test and meticulously measure each and every of thousands of items that arrive in the warehouse?  Of course not; they take a sampling.  I've gotten packages with a sticker that says it was opened for a quality control inspection.   A defective item can happen in any lot of merchandise. 

I do check the garment measurements and I know my size.  My problem is when these items are made, they are not all made the exact same size.  I know these items are mass produced, so I guess expecting consistency on every item is too much to ask.  But when we have to pay shipping both ways for an item that did not work, when the exact same thing in another color did, that does not seem right to me.

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I'd measure an ill-fitting garment and if the measurements vary significantly from the listed garment measurements, I'd call CS, tell them it's defective and is being returned and I expect a full refund of shipping charges.

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Please read the reviews for this oven on Oster's website.  The touch pads on their ovens are not reliable.  I returned two ovens I purchased from a local retailer because the temperature wouldn't stay at what I set - it would go up 25-50 degrees and burnedmy food.  When I would open the door to check on my food, the temp would drop 25 degrees and take a long time to come back up to the temp I set.  I went with the breville - much more reliable.

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yes it was the ones with the french doors and it was huge also and took up most of my counter space

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since it was a TSV and it would fit 2 13x9's and was an oster figured it would be just what i needed so I didnt have to use the big stove oven, sorry to say the touchpads on this thing is junk and when it was shown didnt have a chance to google it, LESSON LEARNED