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new purchases that make u :)

Heart spurtles (the silicone ones) .  I am glad I bought them.


I also like the countertop tool I bought very similar to K47617. I purchased mine from Big Lots in the 'as seen on tv' section for $20. . It only comes in red , but no sh&h charge. I have beaucoup gadgets electric and not that perform the same function , but this is really great for bread crumbs,crackers, nuts , etc. Really easy clean up for this and that items.  DH loves hash browns and this is a winner for those. Of course the most important part of an item like this is the suction and mine worked on the one I bought.


Also , the WP plasma (?) 8" skillet . If I ever need another skillet this is the brand I would buy. So far it has lived up to what is promised . 

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Re: new purchases that make u :)

I purchased the Shark Apex UpLight  vacuum from HSN when it was the TSV a few weeks ago and LOVE IT. It does everything claimed during the presentations. The ITKWD mugs that I purchased have become my favorite for having coffee while watching the show. They are so cute😊



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Re: new purchases that make u :)

Fiestaware from Macys-- they had a 40% off sale, free shipping at $49 AND...... I had a $10 gift card. Bought 3 of the squatty cups with the handles and 1 latte mug and a skull and vines kitchen towel---and paid under $45 for everything including taxes. And-----it came in 4 days!!!  Man Wink