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I usually tvo David's Sunday show but missed it today. I tape it as I like David but the shows have become product repetitive at least for me.

Did he have anything interesting or new today or was it mainly lock and lock, CE pressure cooker, old sets of temptations and food that generally receives poor reviews?

I think the show needs a jolt maybe replace the same old vendors with new presenters, have at least half the show new products (a trip to BB&B shows you lots of new products come to the market every month), and a section where only made in America products are featured. It's easy for a selling type show to get stale. If they need to clear out stock have internet specials but use the kitchen on air shows for showcasing new or great sale items. I also think they need to do a more thorough product evaluation as some products really get terrible reviews especially cookware and much of the food. It doesn't do David's rep any good to be lauding food in particular that he must know isn't any good.

Just a thought!