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I ordered the Greenhead Main lobsters for Christmas dinner, What did I do wrong. I thawed them and rinsed them and put in boiling water for 5 minutes. I had to cut it open to get the lobster out in pieces!

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@Graciejean  I have ordered them in the past and had difficulty getting them out of the shell.  It was a little bit easier after cooking them, which I did by putting them in a butter bath.

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Cut the underside of the tail with scissors.

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 How was the taste ? I had thought of ordering .

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I always cut the underside of the tails with scissors .....

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I purchased them for Christmas and boiled them..same results.  I watched the video and they baked them...however that was not stated by hosts.  This was before covid.  People were presenting live together. 

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The listings for the lobster tails has a "cooking instructions" pdf that you can click on.  It gives several different ways of cooking them, including poaching.


You do need to let them cool for several minutes after removing them from the boiling water.


Personally, I always crack the tails with my hands - simply press the sides together and it cracks the underside open.  Then I just remove the entire tail.  However, I've never ordered just the tails; I always have the whole lobster.  (But the tail is my favorite part!)

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This works for whole boiled lobsters so I imagine it would work for seperated tails.

Snap off the little tail fins from the end so you can see the inside of the tail.  with your thumb push the meat up from the small end so it slips out the larger end.  No impliments needed.  If you were enjoying a whole lobster you would squeeze or suck out the tiny bit of meat in those itty bitty tail flippers.