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aroc3435 --many hearts now---thanks

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@graciesmom1003 : Wow! Well my dish washer will be 11 years old 3/19/19. Purchased at a scratch and dent sell for $299, and the dent wasn’t noticeable once installed. Can’t remember the installation cost. It is a Whirlpool and very quiet but takes 2:45 minutes  and sometimes longer to do a load of dishes. That will be my first question before another purchase is made and will need to see the information in the manual. So I know that $$$$$$$ will be a shock. But the Whirlpool was big improvement with the dishwasher that was in the house when purchased and really didn’t clean the dishes and sad because I never had a dishwasher except my hands while growing up. I probably need to start saving money and doing a lot of research and reading reviews. Southern Bee 

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Re: dishwasher saga

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I'm not surprised at the $225 install charge.  Did you go to Big box or small local appliance shop?  Big Box stores gouge you on install charges. 


We purchase all of ours at a local appliance store. I can't remember if we had install included or not but lucky for me hubby is handy and we installed it ourselves.  Its actually very easy just plugging in and hooking up the water line.  Thats as long as you have someone to lug it around with you which not everyone has.  I couldn't have done it all by myself.


We were quoted that much for microwave install which I turned down and had hubby install it.

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Ihave gotten all of my new appliances (one at a time) from a local small business. They do take away the old one, which is also Whirlpool and prob at least 15 yrs old and the cycle is about 2+ hrs. this one is 1 hr, apparently the water efficiency limits apply to dishwashers too, so I know it uses less water. wonder if it will clean the dishes? you are not supposed to pre-rinse

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not meaning to show off , but, I paid 1,000 for a Bosch from Best Buy

I'd love to take it back, hate that thing. It's like running a engineer 

submarine. LOL


to complicated to scroll thru and hold this button down with one hand while using the right hand fingers to hold down key B, let loose of that , then within a matter of seconds hold down another key.


they give you 4 seconds to close the door or you have to go back thru the


Wish I had my old Whirlpool back



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Graciesmom - That sounds like alot of money to install. Especially since you already had a dishwasher. When we got our new dishwasher a couple of years ago. All they had to do was pull out the old dishwasher, unplug it, and unhook the water and do the reverse with the new dishwasher. I think they were in and out in 15 minutes.


I hope they did a real nice job for you.  And enjoy your new dishwasher. They are so quiet now.

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we have a appliance place near us and they provide free delivery, free removal of old appliance and they hook up appliances for free. but if its a gas stove or dryer that they dont do. they dont deal with gas but every thing else they take care of and there prices are very the last 10 years we have bought 7 defferent appliances from them. everyone around here raves how good they are.