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I'm not a cook by any stretch but do enjoy watching the cooking shows. I noticed yesterday on HSN that they were showing some Chef Ming clearance and when I searched him on HSN on line there were only a couple of cookbooks and a chef's pan that came up as clearance. Wonder if he'll end up on Evine with the others that are no longer on HSN?

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Many Chef's remain where they are best suited, and yet still have clearance sales so  since Chef Ming Tsai's stuff sells so fast and is worth the investment, I believe he may remain at HSN and continue to offer his products and prosper.


I love his line of products and purchased many thru the years, but I am especially pleased with his Simply Ming red cookware/bakeware with his non stick coating and handles and knobs that do not burn the fingers when cooking on a gas stove.


Should Chef Ming Tsai leave HSN for any reason, I hope he will join another shop at home channel like QVC or Evine.

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The chatter I've heard on this forum is that he was part of Joy Mangano's company and so he will be axed since she has been axed.  

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Chef Ming Tsai is scheduled to be on HSN on Wednesday & Thursday May 22 & 23, 2019.  If you want to know when someone is coming (or not) go to the HSN site.  In the upper left corner next to the HSN logo choose “Watch”  then choose “HSN Program Guide” then enter the name under “Search Program Guide” then search – scroll down to see what dates are listed.  They keep old dates up so you have to scroll down to the bottom to see the upcoming dates scheduled.  


Curtis Stone is their top selling line of all lines (not just cookware) and he was part of Joy Mangano’s group and he is not being cut.  In fact, I have heard him slip and say QVC several times, so I think he may be on both QVC & HSN eventually.  If their products sell enough to meet the criteria they are still there. 


I think (don’t have specific details to share) there may have been some sort of “conflict” with Lori Grenier’s products verses Joy Mangano’s – not room for both ladies under one umbrella so a choice had to be made. 

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Thanks, ladies for your input. I'll keep watching.

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i love to watch cooking shows.