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anything new with floral lace?

would love to see soup tureen and matching soup bowls in floral lace patterns or a cookie jar ....anyone heard any news on this? also, wish qvc would offer the pitchers in floral lace like temptations website...will this ever happen?

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Re: anything new with floral lace?

What seems to happen with the Temp-tations website is that it offers two categories of things. First there are those pieces that QVC once carried and are now retired, available again on, but at much higher prices.

Then there are brand new items, like the Floral Lace pitcher and platter set, that have never been on Q and probably never will. It seems all the "new original" offerings on Marketplace at are only there, and never seen on Q.

This has been the pattern so far, and I'm sure is subject to change. She may make another style of pitcher and platter for Q and maybe not. If you really like something on, I'd suggest getting it, as it may not be seen anywhere else, ever again.

One word of warning, though. While QVC is great about returns, and free return shipping of damaged items, the TT website is much harder to deal with. They make you pay for return shipping most of the time (even if the product is substandard in painting, glazing etc.), and I believe people have said that you end up having to pay return shipping, as well as not get the original shipping to you refunded. When you call TT about a QVC purchased product they bend over backwards to assist you, but in my experience, when you have purchased directly from them, they are less accommodating. Many on Facebook have noticed this as well, and many of us hesitate to make purchases from TT directly, and hold our breath until the transactions are complete.