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Re: Your opinion on baked beans

I LOVE baked beans!! I would cook those puppies low and slow ---I also have a killer recipe using canned beans and mandarin oranges too--but am not a fan of limp, soggy cooked bacon so I would add that just before serving---maybe saute the veggies you add, onions and the like in the bacon grease to cook with the rest of the stuff---always reminds me of that funky nasty piece of pork in the Campbells canned baked beans----

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Re: Your opinion on baked beans

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@wagirl   Hey, Happy Independence Day!  To a true New Englander that bit of "nasty piece of pork" which is salt pork, is the best bit--a prize that people fight over Smiley Happy believe it or not.


I make my own from scratch, usually.  In an extreme pinch I'll doctor up B&M or Bush brand so much that people think they are the real deal.  The from scratch, though, are the best.


I think it was every Saturday night my Rhode Island M-I-Law to be (who was not a cook and happily admitted it) ALWAYS had canned pork and beans, boiled frankfurters, and canned brown bread for dinner.  She and her husband loved it, my fiance and I not so much, so we either volunteered to cook dinner or made plans to dine elsewhere on Saturdays.  


After about six Satirdays of eating this in a row (she never varied the daily menu rotation except on major holidays) I couldn't face sitting down to that meal yet again.  College cafeteria food was better, lol.  


But I loved her--she was a special, kind, soul and confided she was so happy hubby-to-be had found me because I was such a sweet girl and such a good cook.


Sadly, she passed away from severe cancer before we got married. 

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Re: Your opinion on baked beans

Definately a New England thing.  Brought up on that same Saturday night dinner tradition.