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@jellyBEAN - I have one with matching bowls. I use the little bowls every time we have salad with dinner, which is about 3-4 times a week! I use the big one when we have a special dinner or for other purposes. I have the matching serving utensils too. Those I don't use much, but I use them some.


I've had this set since we were married. I don't baby it at all. The only thing I do is hand wash and dry right away. The salad dressings through the years have helped make the inside of the bowls really nice!  Smiley Happy

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@jellyBEAN I think your idea of a wooden salad bowl sounds great!  When I think of a wooden salad bowl I always think of times when I have been at really nice restaurants and had a Caesar Salad made at our table.  I can't say we have done that a lot, but it definitely has left an impression with me.  I never thought the salad dressing would season the wood, but I learn something every day.


I love my large Fiesta bowl and use that quite often for large salads.  QVC sells the bowl I am talking about.  It is Item H338591.  There is also an extra large bowl which is Item H338549.  As far as individual bowls, I use the Fiesta medium bowl.  It is Item H338483.  I use that bowl for salads and soup!  My personal preference is the Turquoise color.  It goes with so much.


Whatever you decide on, I hope you always dine happy and in good health!

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Got a beautiful set as a wedding gift 40 years ago.  Beautiful it was, I left it out and used it as decoration only.  


Practically speaking I must prefer something I can throw in the dishwasher if I want too.

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My Aunt and Uncle lived in Tokyo for 5 years, about 40 years ago.


My Aunt would buy beautiful handmade gifts. One of the gifts was a wooden salad bowl set. I forgot what type of wood it is. But the way it was carved and the grain of the wood, the set is a work of art.


I have never used it. But it has to be one of the nicest bowls I own. 

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I have one-rectangular wooden bowl plus 4 individual bowls  - that I received as a wedding gift 1974!


I used it for many years and has held up well but now I like glass bowls. Easier and more sanitary.

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Re: Wooden Salad Bowl Set

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I gave an expensive walnut one away years ago.


H293401  For a salad bowl I prefer a shallower bowl that is not rounded but is wider and flatter.  I build salad pretty much in layers so that people can serve with tongs and grab a bunch digging all the way down to the bottom of the bowl.


That way all the heavier ingredients don't get worked to the bottom and everybody gets some of all the salad ingredients.  It is shaped like the bowl in the pasta set H293401.


For the two of us, I often use a Butterfly Garden by Lenox bowl that is about 8 or 9 inches. 

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Back in the 70s as a wedding showing gift, I got a glass salad bowl with serving spoon & fork, from Princess House.  I used that alot for when having guests & holiday dinners.


After I married, I got a salad bowl set from Tupperware.  I loved that piece and used it often; if not using it for toss salads, I also used it for furit salads, cut up melons and taking pasta salads to picnics or outdoor parties.  The Tupperware came with matching bowls with lids.

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I have a beautiful hand carved salad bowl set.  If you don't mind hand washing, I love it!