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Wood Pellet Grill A Success!

We've gone through two large Webber gas grills in past years, replacing flavor bars and hauling  containers of gas up on the deck (sometimes running out of gas in the midst of cooking!


DH read up on wood pellet grills (the pellets are pressed saw dust!!!)  The griddles are seasoned with half of an onion!!!


These grills are supposed to give extremely juicy meats and wonderful results on everything.


We did chicken on Friday, steak on Saturday night, and fish last night.  Everything was delicious!!!


The brand is Rec Tec.  The handles look like steer hornes.

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Re: Wood Pellet Grill A Success!

I am so sick of the gas containers and running out in the midst of cooking.  Sounds interesting.  I will check them out.  

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Re: Wood Pellet Grill A Success!

We have a Treager pellet smoker(and a natural gas grill).  We love the Treager! 


We've made turkey, duck, ribs, burgers and salmon on the Treager.

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Re: Wood Pellet Grill A Success!

My son recently got a Rec Tec grill.  So far everything he made has been fantastic - tri-tip, ribs, brisket.  He loves it!!